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Metropolis Gaming Central - FAQ

How do I register an account?

If you do not already have an account on Metropolis Gaming Central, please contact your Sponsor who can request an account for you.

All hosts must be registered before they can sign up to host.

How do I sign up to host a weekly game?

Signing up to host a weekly game is super easy! A lot of the work is done for you, we only need a few important details before we can put your game on the schedule.

-> Once you are logged in, Click on 'Sign Up' in the Navigation bar.
-> Fill in all the relevant details.
-> Once you hit the Sign Me Up button, your game will go for approval. Once approved, it will appear on the schedule!

Metropolis Gaming Central - Video Resources

Below, are video guides on how to operate Metropolis Gaming Central.

General Introduction: View Video

Event Organizers Part 1: View Video (How to customize your schedule)

Event Organizers Part 2: View Video (How to approve your games)

Event Organizers Part 3: View Video (How to configure your prizes and custom pages)

If you need any additional help, please let your sponsor or the Gaming Team know!